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At Turmadèn we have opened our doors again to welcome you this summer in the best conditions. We want to order to offer you the best of this wonderful island. We have adapted to new the health and safety recommendations, while maintaining our standards of quality and environmental sustainability. The characteristics of our agrotourism are privileged: natural and isolated location, open spaces, few rooms, each with its own private terrace, etc. This will ensure your safe and pleasant stay.

We detail here some of the new protection and safety measures that we have incorporated to offer you maximum tranquillity. You can relax.

We will follow the protocols recommended by the following organizations: IHT – Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero and CEHAT – Confederación Española de Hoteles y Alojamientos Turísticos, adopting them across all spaces and areas of the hotel.

Our cleaning of the interior and exterior common areas, furniture and rooms, has been adjusted to achieve effective and regular sanitation and disinfection. We will use a new range of recently developed and authorized ecological products, and will strictly follow the supplier instructions for their use. In addition to the regular cleaning, all areas of possible contact will be disinfected with a virucidal and microbicide product that has been tested and certified as ecological.

Another disinfection system that we are going to apply in interior spaces, especially in rooms and common areas, will be by misting. This achieves a uniform distribution of disinfectant on any surface, walls, textiles, or decorative elements.

The disinfection of the interior common spaces and the terrace and pool areas will be indicated with posters for the safety of all.

There is an automatic hydrogel point at the entrance of the hotel, as well as in each room, reception areas, dining room and common outdoor areas.

The catering breakfast service this season will be served (rather than buffet) and can be enjoyed both in the dining room, respecting the maximum capacity allowed, as well as on the outside terraces. We will also offer the option of breakfast on the terrace of the room, weather permitting. To facilitate our work and to offer the best service, we will have a menu with various breakfast options to choose from the day before. But we will of course always try to meet the needs of each one our guests.

We will have masks, gloves and hydrogel at your disposal.

Your collaboration will be very important, and all our guests are asked to following distance and hygiene practices to ensure everyone’s safety.

For any questions or more information do not hesitate to contact us.

The Turmadèn team

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